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Already have our brewer and need help with setup and usage?

We have curated step-be-step set up guide and pairing guide in our YouTube channel. 

How to Use the Lify Smart Herbal Brewer:

Brewer's smart alerts and notifications v1.0:
(For brewers purchased before June 2020)

Brewer's smart alerts and notifications v1.1: 
(For brewers purchased before June 2020)

Connect Lify Smart Brewer with Lify Wellness App:

Everything you need to know about the Lify Smart Herbal Brewer and Accessories in the below section.

How to set up my brewer?

For full instruction, please read the instruction manual in your packaging box or check out our set-up guide video above to learn more. 

Tips: During the first use of the brewer, water flow may be little due to the sealed air-tight components inside the brewer not in use for a period of time since manufactured. You may press and brew again to ensure water flow is consistent and normal.

Top Tips to master your Lify brewer!

Cross button shown as steady red.

Cross button blinking yellow.

Cross button shown as steady yellow

No tea or water comes out.

How do I connect my Smart Herbal Brewer to my mobile device?

The App shows that the device is offline after a successful connection.

How can I personalise my brewing formula?

How do I know which Herbal Blend to consume?

Are Lify discs environmentally-friendly?